Image of playground award

New Children’s playground signs in Littleton and Harestock

Two playground signs designed by local children in Winchester were unveiled at Harestock Playground in Bradley Road on Wednesday the 3rd of October.

Niamh Gregory (aged 11 at the time of the competition) who was the winner and Bethany Alexander (who was 5 ) and was the runner up, entered a competition that was organised by Littleton and Harestock Parish Council in conjunction with the Littleton and Harestock Show. Entrants were asked to design a poster to encourage children to take care of the playgrounds and both girls created lovely playground scenes with beautiful bright colours.

Their original art work was scaled up to create two very striking and colourful permanent signs, which have been placed in both the Harestock and Littleton Playgrounds. The signs are an instructive and fun way to communicate a useful message to other children who use the playgrounds.

Members of the Parish Council, Niamh and Bethany and their parents gathered at the playground last Wednesday. Hilary Saunders from the Parish Council congratulated them both on their success and thanked them for taking part in the community event. They both received certificates featuring photographs of their designs as well as a “goody bag” or artist’s materials to encourage them to continue with their artistic endeavours.