Parish Councillors

George Sallis

Cllr George Sallis

Parish Council Chairman

Tel: 07887 548 488

Committees: Finance and General Purposes.

Working Groups: Estate Management, Communication

Other Responsibilities: Residents Issues, External Liaison.

John Biddlecombe

Cllr John Biddlecombe

Parish Council Vice Chairman

Tel: (Winchester) 881503

Committees: Finance and General Purposes, Parish Development.

Working Groups: Estate Management.

Other Responsibilities: Planning and Emergency Planning, Public Transport, Highways & Civil Engineering, Millennium Memorial Hall Trustee, Residents Issues – Littleton.

Cllr Patrick Cunningham

Tel: (Winchester) 883887

Committees: Finance and General Purposes.

Other Responsibilities: Planning – Local Plan, King’s Barton Forum.

Ed Maun

Cllr Ed Maun

Tel: 07943 525363
Committees: Finance and General Purposes.

Working Groups: Estate Management, Climate Change.

Other Responsibilities: Emergency Planning.

Cllr Rod Warren

Tel: (Winchester) 881675

Planning – Harestock
Littleton & Harestock Show.

David Tozer

Cllr David Tozer

Tel: (Winchester) 882586

Working Groups: Climate Change.

Other Responsibilities: Planning – Harestock
Resident’s Issues – Harestock.

Cllr Julia Whitburn

Tel: (Winchester) 881699
Millennium Memorial Hall Trustee

Tim Jackson

Cllr Tim Jackson


Working Groups: Climate Change, Estates Management, Communication.


Cllr Liz Winn


Working Groups: Climate Change

Other Responsibilities: Playground Management.

Additional Roles handled by local people not on the Council:

  • The Tree Warden; 
  • The Office Flowerbed gardening Volunteers; 
  • and the Flowerdown Barrows / Tumulus Field Volunteers. 

Please contact the Clerk if you would like to get involved: