Flowerdown (Sir John Moore Barracks Development)

Closure of Sir John Moore Barracks and the Redevelopment of the Flowerdown Area.

Read about the Parish Council’s proposal for a Local Nature Reserve in the Hampshire Chronicle here.

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has announced that it wishes to vacate Sir John Moore Barracks by 2024 and to redevelop the site, rather than sell it on to a developer. The DIO has outlined to the Parish Council what their intentions are and have set up a Strategic Stakeholder Board with a range of Hampshire and Winchester local authority members. The Stakeholder Board met for the first time (online) on 19th November 2020 and was briefed by the DIO.

Map MoD Flowerdown
Overall Littleton Landscape and Settlement Pattern with the location of MoD Flowerdown
(Sir John Moore Barracks)

The DIO has an outline Master Plan for the redevelopment of the site, but much of the detail still needs to be worked out. The main impact is that there may be about 1,000 new homes and other structures. The long term result is that the local population will grow to be about 3,000. What facilities will remain such as sports fields and buildings, e.g. the Church and the swimming pool has not yet been decided. We can expect to see a Planning Application next summer.

There are positive prospects to take from this development, but you will also realise that there are some threats to the rural nature of the community. Littleton and Harestock Parish Council has a seat on the Stakeholder Board, and we have created a Parish Council committee to represent the community response to the more detailed development proposals. We will provide residents with many opportunities to express their views. The Parish Council Website (lhpc.org.uk) will also carry an updated section on the development of the Flowerdown site, and the mechanisms by which you can make comments about emerging proposals.

The DIO conducted a public consultation (online) on 16th December 2020 and the deadline for feedback was 22nd January 2021.

Public Consultation Website

The Parish Council response is available here: