The Parish Council deals with a whole range of issues affecting our local environment. The local budget, planning applications, traffic issues and provision of recreation services are just some of the items covered. If you are interested in your local area be sure to read the minutes of your local Parish Council.

Minutes of the most recent council meetings are available on this website. Please click on a month below:

Month 2022Minutes
February 2022February 2022 Minutes
March 2022March 2022 Minutes
April 2022April 2022 Minutes
May 2022Draft May 2022 Minutes


Month 2021Minutes
January 2021January 2021 Minutes
February 2021February 2021 Minutes/ February 2021 Extraordinary Meeting Minutes
March 2021March 2021 Minutes
April 2021April 2021 Minutes / Approved Budget 2021-22 / Annual Parish Assembly Minutes 29 April 2021
May 2021May 2021 Minutes
June 2021June 2021 Minutes
July 2021July 2021 Minutes
August 2021August 2021 Minutes
September 2021September 2021 Minutes
October 2021Draft October Minutes
December 2021Draft December 2021 Minutes
Month 2020Minutes
January 2020January 2020 Minutes
February 2020February 2020 Minutes
March 2020March 2020 Minutes/ Approved Budget 2020/21
April 2020MEETING CANCELLED – Mar/Apr 2020 Report
June 2020June 2020 Minutes
July 2020July 2020 Minutes
SeptemberSeptember 2020 Minutes
OctoberOctober 2020 Minutes
NovemberNovember 2020 Minutes
DecemberDecember 2020 Minutes

Archived Minutes

Month 2019Minutes
January 2019January 2019 Minutes
February 2019February 2019 Minutes
March 2019March 2019 Minutes
April 2019April 2019 Minutes
May 2019May/ Annual Parish Assembly Minutes May 2019
June 2019June 2019 Minutes
July 2019July 2019 Minutes
August 2019August 2019 Minutes
September 2019September 2019 Minutes
October 2019October 2019 Minutes
November 2019November 2019 Minutes
December 2019December 2019 Minutes
Month 2018 Minutes
January 2018 January
February 2018 February
March 2018 March
April 2018 April
May 2018 May/Annual Parish Assembly Minutes May 2018
June 2018 June
July 2018 July
August 2018 August
September 2018 September
October 2018 October
November 2018 November
December 2018 December/ Approved Budget 2019-20
Month 2017 Minutes
January 2017 January
February 2017 February
March 2017 March
April 2017 April
May 2017 May/Annual Parish Assembly Minutes May 2017
June 2017 June
July 2017 July
August 2017 August
September 2017 September
October 2017 October
November 2017 November
December 2017 December/Approved Budget 2018-19

Can’t view the minutes? Check your Adobe PDF viewer is up to date here.