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Main Road Closure

Main Road Closure – 26th November 2020

Hampshire Highways have reported that part of Main Rd will be closed from 26th November for 2 days. This will affect the road between the Deane Down Drove/Kennel Lane junction through to Stockbridge Road, during the hours of 9:30am to 3:30pm. The work is being done by BT Open Reach to deal with tree branches that are too close to overhead cables.

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Andover Rd Pedestrian Crossing Petition

Andover Rd Pedestrian Crossing Petition

The Residents Association of Kings Barton has expressed frustration at the lack of progress being made to install a pedestrian crossing on the Andover Rd.

If Littleton & Harestock residents would like to see the petition created by The Kings Barton Residents Association then please refer to the Headbourne Worthy Parish Council news item online at this link: http://www.headbourneworthy.org.uk/community/headbourne-worthy-parish-council-10171/news/petition-for-andover-rd-crossing—please-sign-39858

Littleton Church

Littleton Linkers

Littleton Linkers

2nd November 2020

Dear Littleton Resident,

The second lock-down is now with us and, as a community, we need to ensure that anyone who needs help can get that help. In March we set up the LINKERS system which received parishioners’ needs; the ‘Duty’ LINKER then found a HELPER who ensured that help was given. This worked very well, and the seven LINKERS and 42 HELPERS did a great job. However, by July the requests for help had dwindled; this was due to people gaining confidence to venture out plus increased availability of delivery slots from supermarkets and pharmacies. Consequently, the LINKERS scheme wound-up and we do not envisage reinstating it.

In its place there are three different sources of help for you during this new lock-down.

  1. When the LINKERS scheme wound up, we asked the most frequent users of the scheme if they would welcome retaining a regular helper that they could contact and use. Twelve said ‘YES’ and each was allocated two HELPERS; this arrangement is working and is not due for review until 1st January 2021. These twelve parishioners already have their potential needs catered for during this second lockdown.
  2. The WhatsApp group ‘Littleton Community Group’ has been very vigorous in providing all sorts of help around the village. If, during this lockdown, you need help with one-off shopping or prescriptions, it is very likely that a member of the WhatsApp group can help. Please ring Chris Rice (07976 209 382) who will act as a conduit to obtain help from the Group.
  3. If you now think that you are going to require regular help with shopping or prescriptions during this new lockdown, then we can provide help for you in a similar way to that outlined in paragraph 1 above. Please ring either Clive Thompsett (01962 885039) or Peter Highfield (01962 889426). We will note down your name, email, house address and telephone number and will then find two HELPERS who can help you as and when required (we will give you their names and telephone numbers). Please don’t hesitate to ask.

These services are not meant to replace the help you might already be receiving from your neighbours. It provides a safety net to ensure that anyone in need knows they are not alone and can rely on getting help.

One last request: If you were one of the original HELPERS, or a new volunteer, can you please email Clive (clive.thompsett@icloud.com) indicating whether you are available and willing to help those who might use alternative 3 above? Many thanks.

Yours in fellowship,
Chris Rice. Littleton Community Group
Simon Kingston and Clive Thompsett. St Catherine’s Churchwardens
Peter Highfield. Parish Councillor