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Three Maid Hill Solar Farm – Installation of connection to the substation off Stockbridge Road

The council has received information from the consulting company who are planning the installation of an electrical connection from the Three Maids Hill Solar Park to the substation off Stockbridge Road. The route of the connection will be via Stud Lane and Main Road, Littleton.

In order to carry out the works they have applied for two road closures for through traffic, one on Stud Lane between 27th June and 9th September 2022, and another on Main Road between 11th July and 9th September 2022. The dates overlap but they need to traverse both roads – Main Road and Stud Lane twice. we have been told that there will only ever be one road closed at any one time.

The road closures are to stop through traffic. It is their intention that residents will have access at all times. Within each road closure they will use barriers and ‘Give and Take’ signs to control residential traffic.

They will contact residents directly with more information, and will also be keeping affected residents up to date as work progresses.