Permanent retractable bollards

Anti-Social behaviour

If you parked in the Recreation Ground at Littleton over the Summer you may have noticed the signs and bollards near the front gate. The Parish Council put this in place to counter some anti-social behaviour where groups of people were using the car park and the overflow car park as a racing area for speeding. Additionally, the car drivers were able to get into the lower field and use it to do wheel spins.

The Parish Council is planning to put in two permanent retractable bollards at the entrance to the car park which will only be used in emergency conditions when we need to close the car park for a temporary period. Additionally, we will be considering the locations of the speed bumps to help lower vehicle speed.

The council would like to ask all recreation ground car park visitors to be aware of the pedestrians using the car park, particularly near the entrances and the overflow car park, and keep to the speed limit of 10 mph. If you can walk to the recreation ground rather than driving, please do to minimise traffic.

Thank you.