Littleton Church

Littleton help scheme

For the past 19 weeks the Littleton help scheme has been administered by LINKERS who, when it was their duty-day, stayed at home to ensure that any request for help was fulfilled by allocating it to a HELPER.   It has worked efficiently and well.  

The scheme peaked at 35 requests a week but as more and more people obtained supermarket and pharmacy delivery slots, the numbers have dwindled. Overall, approaching 300 requests for help have been met, but, in the last few weeks, have only averaged five.  Consequently, the scheme has been changed. 

Every person who requested help in June and July has been contacted and offered the help of dedicated helpers. Only a dozen have indicated that they still need help. This morning each of the 12 families have been given the telephone numbers of two dedicated helpers who will personally ensure, over the coming two months, that their needs for shopping and prescriptions will be met.  The system will be reviewed again by 1st October.

Littleton WhatsApp group have kindly offered to provide a fallback for providing urgent help;  they have the network to harness the wider community to meet needs.  In these circumstances please ring either Chris Rice (01962 880937) or Kate Chappell. (07717 804080) from the WhatsApp group.   

Clive Thompsett – Littleton help scheme. 3rd August 2020