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Heritage Index

RSAThe Royal Society of Arts is collaborating with the Heritage Lottery Fund to better understand the links between heritage and identity at the local scale. The RSA has analysed over 100 datasets to produce a Heritage Index to help people understand local heritage assets and activities, and access relevant data through a single site. Data ranges from the length of canals and size of protected wildlife sites, through to the number of historic local businesses and the proportion of residents visiting museums and archives.
The Index is designed to stimulate debate about what is valued from the past, and how that influences the identity of its current residents. This can help a place achieve its aspirations to grow and prosper, socially and economically.
Rachel Bebb is a ‘Heritage Ambassador’ for Hampshire, one of a number of Fellows of the RSA who have an interest in heritage and the local community. If you would like to contribute to the conversation please find out more by visiting this link to the RSA’s website and contact Rachel with your contributions directly.

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