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Environment & Climate Change

Global attention rightly focussed on the COP26 gathering in November 2021 in Glasgow and the urgent need to address the climate and nature emergencies. The Parish Council’s Climate Change Working Group recognises these twin and inter-related threats posed by climate heating and losses in the natural world. Additionally, the pandemic has shown how much people increasingly value their connections with the natural world, open spaces, and chances to build back ‘greener’, a factor that has helped direct the Council’s position on the Flowerdown development proposals.

Open spaces and wildflowers

Clearing created for a butterfly glade at Flowerdown Tumulus Field
Photo: Clearing created for a butterfly glade at Flowerdown Tumulus Field

2021 saw a greater profusion of wild flowers in our verges and pockets of informal green space around the Parish. We hope to see this continue to flourish in 2022 due to more sensitive mowing regimes, including that at the Flowerdown Tumulus Field. An opportunity was also taken to create a glade in the thickets at the eastern end of the Field which will be beneficial especially for encouraging butterflies and woodland flowers.

Potential opportunities to create other mini projects to help nature, create mini-wildflower meadows and plant trees exist. We would love to hear your thoughts on this and have the community involved. If this interests you, then please get in touch by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Parish Carbon Footprint Report

An insight into our community’s carbon footprint from both a consumption and territorial perspective was provided by Winchester Climate Action Network (WeCAN) in August 2021. The Report for Littleton & Harestock can be downloaded from

The report collates data from various other existing datasets and provides a base-line picture to work from. Some key factors emerge with the following % CO2-equivalent contributions:

Goods and services (excl food & drink)37%
Food & diet22%
Housing (energy use)20%
Waste <1%
Territorial (e.g. including imported goods)
Road transport38%
Housing (energy use)35%
Industrial & commercial4%
Waste & other transport<1%

It is clear that much of our contribution is through our lifestyle choices, whether it’s through how we heat our homes, how we travel or what we eat. In each of the consumption categories the Parish appears to be contributing less emissions than Winchester district as a whole, but remains higher than the national average. Certainly, something for us all to think about as we go about our daily lives.

Roof-mounted PV panels on house in Harestock
Photo: Roof-mounted PV panels on house in Harestock

Carbon Footprint Calculator

The Parish Council also wants to encourage people to make ‘greener’ choices in various spheres of their lives. If you or your family want to work out your carbon footprint, various carbon footprint calculators exist, such as:

Having problems viewing the calculator? Please visit this link:

Winchester Area SuperHomes

To help reduce home energy use, local charity Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) has recently launched Winchester Area SuperHomes, a two year non-profit project. It will provide homeowners with tailored, independent advice on how they can retrofit their properties to reduce their carbon emissions. This covers areas such as insulation, solar panels and heat pumps. They are offering subsidies for homeowners on low and mid incomes and provide advice on available grants.

To find out more, and register your interest, go to

Other local projects

On the border of the parish, a solar farm began being installed in early 2022 at Three Maids Hill. Meanwhile Littleton’s Millennium Hall has plans to fix roof-mounted solar panels.

Other potential projects

If you are interested in local practical ideas for helping reduce parish carbon emissions and encouraging carbon reducing consumer choices, then please get in touch by contacting the Parish Clerk. Do let us know your interests, suggestions and any relevant skills or expertise you might have. No contribution is too small and it does not require attending meetings regularly, but we do have an opportunity to address the impacts of climate change in our area.


Parish Clerk:

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David Tozer


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