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Environment & Climate Change

Internationally, nationally and locally the urgent need to address the climate and nature emergencies has been recognised. Earlier in 2020, the Parish Council established a Climate Change Working Group, recognising the twin and inter-related threats posed by climate heating and losses in the natural world. Although the pandemic has restricted progress, the crisis has shown how much people increasingly value connections with the natural world, open spaces, and chances to build back ‘greener’.

Open spaces and wildflowers

Open space with potential for wildflower area

An early project has identified pockets of informal green space around the Parish where more value might be given to them from a biodiversity perspective, rather than simply being subject to periodic grass cutting. From this, the idea of creating wildflower areas began to be explored.  The potential for a ‘green hay’ approach using cuttings from Littleton’s Flowerdown Barrows (Tumulus field) has arisen. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Moving forward

Now, we are looking for people who would like to become involved and help with creating and nurturing such wildflower patches.  The effectiveness of this initiative will only be as good as the willingness of the community to get involved.  If this interests you, then please get in touch by contacting the Parish Clerk.

Other potential projects

Other projects for future consideration include conservation work, tree planting, reducing Parish carbon emissions, encouraging carbon reducing consumer choices and potential survey work associated with these.  If any of this interests you or you have other local practical ideas for addressing climate change and supporting nature, then please get in touch by contacting the Parish Clerk. Do let us know your interests, suggestions and any relevant skills or expertise you might have.

No contribution is too small and it does not require attending meetings regularly, but we do have an opportunity to address the impacts of climate change in our area.

Other ways to make a difference

At an individual or family level, the Parish Council also wants to encourage people to make ‘greener’ choices in various spheres of their lives. Various carbon footprint calculators exist, such as:

Having problems viewing the calculator? Please visit this link:

Further ideas will appear on the Parish website in the coming weeks.

Lastly, do keep an eye open on the emerging proposals for Flowerdown (Sir John Moore Barracks) here.


Parish Clerk:

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David Tozer


(Climate Change Working Group Lead)