Picture of Parish Chairman Stephen Burgess

Change of Chairman at Littleton and Harestock Parish Council

After three and a half years Councillor Patrick Cunningham has stepped down as Chairman of the Littleton & Harestock Parish Council.  During this time Councillor Cunningham has also had to maintain the concurrent roles of an elected Winchester City Councillor and, more recently, as the Deputy Mayor of Winchester. If tradition is upheld Councillor Cunningham will take on the significant role of Mayor of Winchester for a year from May 2020. Meanwhile, he has kindly agreed to remain as a Littleton & Harestock Parish Councillor during his tenure as Mayor and will continue in his busy role as a Winchester City Councillor.

The new chair of Littleton and Harestock Parish Council is Councillor Stephen Burgess who was appointed on 13th January 2020.